2:31 AM

I just finished my first semester of senior year with a 3.4 gpa, a 31-page thesis written, and an immense feeling of accomplishment. Now, I'm home for my last Christmas break. It's been four months since I've seen my best friend, J, who moved to L.A. in the fall, so needless to say it was a very happy, very snuggly homecoming. I ate dinner with her parents, watched a well-deserved few hours of TV, and purely vegged. We laughed loudly at stupid things and laughed even harder at the fact that we can still get away with acting like we were when we were five. Somehow, at some point, we always end up migrating to her black & white tiled kitchen and sitting and talking for hours on the linoleum floor. We continued the tradition as we warmed up some brie and giggled over two pretty strong rum & cokes. And looking back on it now, J has been my sister all this time.

Matt made bagels in the morning.

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