The New Year 2012

12:46 AM

Though it has been a struggle, I'm pretty proud of myself for doing and getting over important things this year. 2011 was a year of change and a year growth. Finally turning 21 opened up an entirely different world to me. I discovered the delights of craft beer and the romantically settling sensations of various wines. I broke two hearts, including my own, and found parts of myself that i thought had been long lost. I wrote letters to friends on graph paper. I worked and interned and saw the truth behind politics. I found my calling in a career. I wrote my senior thesis.

2012, as I understand it, will be as equally as scary. I'm graduating in May, moving out on my own for the first time and finding a job that I hopefully won't hate. Here are a couple resolutions that I have set for myself:
  • like 2011, always take the stairs
  • spend less than what i make each month
  • travel lighter
  • stop shopping in the juniors department, no matter how affordable/cute the clothes are
  • learn to stop selling myself short
  • learn to make decisions
I'm making waves.

new years eve lunch @ the boston common coffee co., boston, ma

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