New York, New York

2:10 AM

Being a broke college student has its perks, cheap day trips to New York for example. Even though we had to wake up and board the bus at 6am, the pain of being up and tired and cold was worth it... And, well, since we decided to stay up and not actually sleep, which really didn't work since I ended up passing out/napping at 4am, we were indeed tired, grumpy and cold.

We arrived in the city around 11 and were dropped off in front of the Met. The scheduled events and essential purpose of the trip were to be held in the Met but we had our own plan. Ever since I heard about Cindy Sherman's solo show at the MoMA, I had been dying to see it, and this was the perfect opportunity. The rebellious and fun part of these trips is avoiding the Professor's eyes as we take off in the opposite direction after getting off the bus. We had planned to meet up with Kat, who had moved to a cute little flat in Manhattan earlier this March, so off we went walking around Central Park to Columbus Circle.

It was everything I had hoped for. Seeing Kat, getting into the MoMA for free (courtesy of Kat's hook ups), oogling 9-foot Cindy Sherman prints, having a falafel from a Halal cart, holding hands in the city, meeting Keenan, kissing in Central Park... it's everything I wanted.

Kat and Kate's apartment was lovely. Though they were still figuring out the dynamics of their space, they still managed to create such a fascinatingly cozy abode.

They found that living like they were in Japan was the most economical in such a tight space.

Loose leaf earl grey brewed as strong as coffee is the norm.

The cat bed.
The happy cat.

So happy. This show was extremely intense.
Of course we had to stop in Uniqlo. Though the experience was a bit overwhelming, even for a second time visit, I still think the Americanized-Japanese-kitsch aesthetic is charming.
I finally met his best friend. It was quite the hilarious happening.
His best friend's girl was a sweetheart too.

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