Alexus Lee: Let Me Listen

10:19 AM

Alexus Lee and I decided to have a quick second shoot while in was in Boston last week for the 4th. To put it simply, the day wasn't as easy as we both hoped. The two of us were both just... off.

 Even though we were both not exactly feeling up to par, I sensed a mutual comfortability between us.  We moved between the roles of leader and follower pretty easily. Though the weirdness factor of the camera was still present; it was slight. Later on the day, while we walked around the city, we brainstormed ways to overcome it, (all of this emotion we're trying to convey is primal, we remembered. No need to complicate it further.)

We decided to move from her apartment into her building's stairwell. As we shot, we held a conversation, interrupted occasionally by text message beeps and neighbors doing laundry. We talked a bit about her album and the stresses and frustrations of buckling down with a concise and cohesive direction. We shot with a clearer idea in mind but after leaving the shoot, I felt as though the day wasn't as productive as planned.

With that being said, I was pleasantly surprised by the result I saw when I uploaded these today. We took around 600/700 photos and maybe 15-ish of them are keepers, (I have a feeling that's going to be a typical turnout these days...).

Alexus' Facebook music page is launching soon (tomorrow/today maybe?) so you can find these, among others, there. Her debut album titled "QUIET," is due to release on July 21st. Keep your ears open. This girl is going places.

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