A Distortion of Beauty

7:40 PM

To keep myself inspired and active outside of work, I enrolled in a RISD photography class knowing that the expectations were going to be much different than at Saint Anselm. The class objective is to inspire and create a body of work which would "question beauty," which would violate boundaries and bring to consciousness the uncomfortable, irritable crawling sensation one experiences when photography feels along with the viewer. Our first body of work all demonstrated how well we know our cameras, how gifted we are with the craft. Personally, I wasn't happy with the way my assignment turned out, despite the assurance of the rest of the class. I wanted to dig deeper but I was struggling to understand how.

Originally inspired by Bill Brandt, Lucien Clergue, and Alfred Stieglitz, I intended on extracting their focus of nude lines and angled hands with shape and shadow in my own work. However, after looking and talking and seeing the series I had created, I felt as though it was a safe direction.

Striving to create "the disturbing image" or something that generally strayed from the usual soft aesthetic of my work, I composed this series of color and discoloration, femininity and flesh, obedience and revolt.

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