"A Wanness"

9:02 PM

I lost focus this week among colds, checklists and gratuitous spending for the sake of art shows. I could not settle down with subject. Next week, my final presentation for the class, will be better.

Pushing myself a bit further with this series, I attempted to concentrate on mainly shadow and discoloration. Sickly yellows and aggravated pinks. "A wanness," my instructor remarked this week. One student said the photos reminded him of hospital lighting, washed out, a sallow fluorescent glow.

The series could, in fact, relate to illness, a worsening of conditions, a self-antagonization. Two unified parts working against each other, mind and body, fingers and flesh. The hand in these photos is the perpetrator, scratching, harsh, present and unshy of the violence; and the body, the victim.


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