Mind The Gap

10:56 PM

This warm October has been ideal for shooting outside, though I wish I could say I had more of an opportunity to do so. After work, I drove over to the Cumberland Monastery and Cumberland Public Library today to shoot. It was beautiful and colorful and the leaves were so active and energized. I wandered around the trails and the gardens on the grounds and found interesting little things to preoccupy myself with. I sank back into my own head for a while and untied some mental knots. The disjointedness of the past few weeks has been exhausting but noticing how the elements of the world beyond me fit together with such unity somehow assured me of my own questions. It sounds so Thoreauvian of me to acknowledge all of this but it's undeniable that spending time walking around and looking at and thinking about things other than ourselves will eventually trigger a connection that will put something into complete perspective.

 I think I'll head back to the Monastery sometime soon to shoot again. It felt good to go out alone.

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