Terrible Angels

1:12 AM

Surprising me with tickets to see CocoRosie headline in their last US show at the Tinderbox Music Festival, Eric and I traveled down to New York and spent what could be one of the best weekends in a while with friends and free booze and music. We got to the main stage early enough to be right up against the gate. Bianca and Sierra came out on the stage in long, flowy robes and with the lights and the sound and the shadows, they looked like mages (I think that actually slipped out of my lips as they appeared on stage). Sierra's voice echoed in waves of color and emotion. She danced with no reserve. Bianca, childlike and distant, floated around her microphone like it was a security blanket. She looked beautiful.

I can't even explain how wonderful and spiritual this show was. It was evident the band had a great time too (Sierra actually inadvertently crowd surfed after their encore). The photos don't even do it justice.

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