8:06 PM

Shooting with my best friend has been a long time coming. In town from LA for the holidays, we spent quite a lot of time brainstorming what we could create while she was here. Having little to no daylight and space to shoot, I was so stumped on how to execute anything good in my cramped, poorly lit room. Using my shade as a backdrop and bouncing light from a desk lamp, I was totally schooled on how to recreate studio lighting with the humblest of resources. Game changer. Thank god I have smart friends.

 I came down with a cold on Christmas Day and, I have to admit, the cold medicine probably helped orchestrate the overall weirdness of the photos. We made her a dress out of bubble wrap and were pleasantly surprised to see how well it translated on camera. We loved the alien look the shadows and highlights formed and how the bubble wrap worked with her shape and decided to run with it. We agreed that it was too much fun to stop with just these photos and when I visit her in California, more will be taken. Happy accidents are always sweeter with the best people.


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