Reading The Work

9:38 PM

Back in August, Sam and I spent a Sunday shooting her second boudoir session. We talked more about the importance of learning to love your own skin and owning your body. It was apparent that these were things we had both been trying to digest. She asked me about boudoir execution and how I see the photos. We bounced ideas and poses off each other, matching each other's artistic expression with collaboration and inspiration. I was happy to share my perspective and hear hers, especially since her mind seemed to take on a duel role as the model and photographer. She was a pleasure to work with.

This line of work is new to me but what I've noticed within myself is a newfound connection to the subject. I'm finding that boudoir is much more than pretty girls in lingerie. It's about quiet moments, raw beauty, and truth. It's skin and movement and yourself. It's that bridge between the model and the photographer. Our dialogue was rich but the sense of intimacy I felt within the photos was stronger, a depth that I haven't seen in my own work in quite a while.

I wanted this set to lean more in the style of one-on-one candids, spying moments of aloneness and warmth. I wanted the photos to be an exploration of comfort while being exposed. How conversation and creative energy can replace feelings of modesty or doubt. How familiar can you get with the camera before you forget it's there. It's a challenge and I'm curious.

And, well, I have to admit. This set is pretty freakin' sexy.

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