Hands up. Don't Shoot.

11:20 PM

As I went for a walk at lunch today, I stumbled upon a protest downtown. All opinions of the current state of affairs aside, I was utterly entranced by what was going on around me. The unraveling chaos. The tension of all parties questioning who was going to strike first. The brief snippits of conversation as onlookers quieted themselves to watch and hear the messages echoing between the brick buildings. It was days like this that I had the discipline to carry around my 35mm again.  My photography senses sharpened and I chose to stay and hang back and watch, listen. I became aware of everyone and their movements and their shapes. I could have gone back inside my office and avoided the situation but the gravitation pull to stay was overwhelming. My eventually caught myself shaking (from curious fear or excitement?). In my time as a photographer, I've experienced that high as I am engrossed in my work. I get in the zone. But the selfish seduction to stay was what gripped me this time. I wanted to observe the scene, take it as mine and create my art. It was a lustful feeling, like I needed to indulge myself.

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