7:24 PM

A few weeks back, I teamed up with the always amazing cast and crew of OUT LOUD Theatre for my third art collaboration in their upcoming show Rhinoceros. Rhinoceros, written by Eugene Ionesco, tells the story of a small town who suddenly experience a Rhinoceros trampling through their peaceful streets. The story explores the concept of a sweeping "movement" through the lens of "average citizens" transforming into "instinctual beasts". We aimed to create a portrait series capturing the color and exuberant nature of these characters before the sweeping gloom and doom of the grey Rhinoceros takes hold.

It's always a delight to work with the shows OUT LOUD produces, as it gives both us the opportunity to stretch our artistic muscles and create a solid body of work that will complement the show nicely and stand alone as a coherent, fashion editorial series.

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