Meredith + Jada: Redefining Vogue

12:51 PM

As the last part of our MSPCA pet adoption promotion, we met Jada, a 7-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix and fashion model who naturally loved the spotlight and knew how to work her best angles. Throughout this entire collaboration, I fought so hard not to get attached to the furry friends we met that day, but I honestly wanted to take this dog home with me. Not only was she so sweet and polite, but whenever I hung behind to snap a photo or two during our walks, she would frequently look back at me to make sure I was still there... (when I first noticed that, my heart almost exploded). She and Meredith matched pinks and posed beautifully on the front steps of the original portion of the vet building for an en-vogue look. Meredith is wearing the beautiful Kate Spade dress pictured below which is reminiscent of Jackie O's signature style. For more details on her wardrobe and her Kate Spade collaboration, check out Meredith blog ThoughtfulWish.

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