Meredith Wish + Patches the Cat

11:45 PM

Last weekend I had the chance to take part in a very special photo shoot with designer and fashion blogger, Meredith Wish of ThoughtfulWish and a few adorable animals. Meredith and I met at the MSPCA-Angell in Jamaica Plain and got the chance to meet a few new furry friends at the shelter. Meredith is a long-time collaborator with the MSPCA and struck up the idea to spotlight some of the sweet cats and dogs that are available for adoption.

We met Patches first inside a "cat colony" where the cats are able to hang out with their friends. He was curled up in a spot in the sun and clearly loved the idea of visitors there to pet him. He was a chill senior cat and rolled over for us upon greeting. He even guilted us with this pathetic stare every time we would spend a little too much time focusing on the pose and and not on scratching behind his ears. If you're interested in adopting Patches, check out the MSPCA-Angell for notes on how.

Check out Meredith's blog, ThoughtfulWishfor more photos from the day and her fashion recommendations for this shoot!

Let's get real though, my idea of an afterlife: just spending the rest of my days photographing fabulous fashion with kitties and puppies. Who could argue...

Ooooh... belly scratches.

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