Hope Street Spring Block Party

2:23 PM

I've been wanting to go for years and this weekend, I finally got the chance to experience the annual Hope Street Spring Block Party. My best friend grew up living in an adjacent neighborhood of the Hope Street area, so I spent many a weekend enjoying ice cream and tasty food from the local eateries. Back a few years ago after I graduated college, I moved to a beautiful apartment on the East Side of Providence and cozied up once again to the comforts of having such a treat. Looking back on that time, I realize how spoiled I was to live in and near such a cool place.

The block party was nothing short of a blast. Music, art, shops, food trucks, open mics, a rock wall, a brass band, a pie eating contest, costumes, dogs, monsters... Everywhere you turned there was something awesome and intriguing to look at. There was a great energy in the air as well. A common experience of just plain "fun". Kids were laughing, parents were hanging out, dogs were enjoying the sun and everyone was drinking Del's. I can't think of anything more indicative of kicking off a Rhode Island summer than this.

To find out more about how cool Hope Street is, check out hopestreetprov.com.

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