Shakespearean Sirens: Gender-Bending The Bard

10:00 PM

Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of taking part in another outstanding show by the super talented ladies in OUTLOUD Theatre. Keeping on trend with their female-led cast and avant garde methods of live performance, OUTLOUD took on Shakespeare's tragic and comedic frontmen and addressed them with a new pronoun. Bending The Bard refreshed the way we look at Shakespeare in gender and attitude and costuming and styling. It's really so impressive to see what this team can do with their shows, especially by taking complex performances and breaking them down into digestible, real and raw pieces of contemporary art. Bending The Bard moves beyond the gender binary and addresses Shakespeare's classics with a transformative new attitude fit for our current age. In short, these ladies kick ass.

I got the chance to work with each actor individually, talking through and photographing their character's defining moments and major moral dilemmas. Because it was a warm day (with really bright sunlight) and our first adventuring outside for our location, it was a challenge to balance capturing the concept and handling the technical aspects of shooting in direct light. Regardless, I was still on a high from my west coast trip, so I felt that the overexposed highlights and soft midtones would reflect the urban/etherial looks I was going for. Thanks, VSCO, for helping me out on this one.

Also, check out this great write-up from WPRO 630's Frank O'Donnell on the show!

Beth as Benedick

Lauren as Brutus

Ari as Ferdinand

Sarah as Hamlet

Erika and Sarah as Horatio and Hamlet

Katie as Malvolio

Emily as Macbeth

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