Not Your Mama's Jane Eyre

6:38 PM

The original plan for this collaboration shoot with Outloud Theatre was going to be on-location in Newport, RI. We were going to hold our newest collaboration for Jane Eyre in a mansion. I envisioned the shoot to be clean, minimal and wide angled. Pearl and pink and blue shadows. Something different than my usual candid fashion work. However, the plan changed and we were relocated to the theatre space the cast would be performing in in Providence. After I arrived at the space, digested the fact that we were in a fourth floor church loft with no AC, and sensed the heat-stricken low in the room, I decided that we should work with what we had. 

Little make up, minimal costume, let's roll with the sweat. We agreed that, this was going to be the morning after. Don't be afraid to act and get sexy. Let's get to know this struggle. Show me what your character can't show to other people. This direction, so I found, was somehow awakening. Our frequencies matched and it was inspiring. I was quickly told "this isn't your mama's Jane Eyre" anyway.

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