12:09 PM

Yes, it's been a while since I've last posted. I turned 26 yesterday (though I feel much older) and took the day off so I could pamper myself (spa, coffee & relaxing with a dog) but also to catch up on some photo work.

I took a hiatus through the turn of the year to give myself some breathing room. A couple family deaths, the holidays and moving all while maintaining a full time job and my side-hustle was taking a toll on my health, so I felt like the break was needed. But the sun is shining and it's been a mild February, so I'm bulking up on my Vitamin D and getting back on the saddle.

Back in December I worked with my gorgeous cousin to create a short fashion film for my Mastered class. As difficult as it was, it was a great exercise in balancing moving pictures and . I knew the aesthetic I wanted but truly was just winging it as far as piecing the film together. My goal is to finish the film by March and then start on another look. But here are a few stills from the shoot.

Model: Amy Johnson

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